Salt Community Trust is a registered Essential Social Service Provider within Northgate Baptist Church. As such we are able to continue to operate our Food Bank at all Covid-19 Alert Levels and the new Covid-19 Protection Framework (Traffic Light System)

Emergency Booster Boxes are available for Whanau in our community who find themselves financially stretched at this time. We appreciate Covid-19 has had an impact on many people. Our Booster Boxes can last between 2 to 5 days and are a means to help people in this uncertain time. These Booster Boxes are intended for emergency supply - to help boost your pantry’s contents.
As our Booster Boxes are to assist you in the short term, please also be encouraged to further access Work and Income for Hardship Grants for Food. The process for this does not appear to have a stand-down time and you don’t need to be an existing Work and Income client. Call 0800559009 or go to Work and Income - Hardship Grants for Food as the delivery of our Booster Boxes takes time to organise, your patience with this is very much appreciated. 


Due to the introduction of the Delta and Omicron Variant within the NZ community - further safety precautions for food access has now been implemented.
All referrals received during any given week will be available for contactless pick-up (and in some circumstances, via limited contactless delivery) on the MONDAY of the following week.
On receipt of your referral, you will be notified by phone call/text message as to where/when you will need to collect your Booster Box on the MONDAY. When you arrive to collect your Booster Box please observe the following requests:

•  Whenever possible, please only have one person per car

•  Park your car and WAIT inside your car.

•  Text us back on arrival and provide us with your name and car details.

•  Our staff will come outside and place your Booster Box by your car - once this has been done, and  our staff have vacated the area, you will need to place the Booster Box into your car yourself prior to leaving the carpark.

•  Please wear a mask at all times, and use the contact tracing app.

As you can appreciate, our aim is to both meet the food needs of your Whanau while ensuring your safety and the safety of our staff under all Covid-19 Alert Levels and within the new Covid-19 Protection Framework (Traffic Light System)
Please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us if you have an emergency out of these time frames. We will certainly do our absolute best to assist where possible.

Please Note the following catchment area that we are able to provide Booster Boxes for. If you live outside of this catchment area we encourage you to seek assistance from food banks local to you.
Find Food Bank and other food assistance services in Auckland here.


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New Zealand