PUBLIC HOLIDAY NOTICE - Please note that our food bank services will not be operating on Monday 26th September 2022 due to the public holiday.

To request emergency food services through Salt Community Trust's food bank initiative please fill in the referral form at the bottom of this page.  On receipt of your referral, you will be informed by phone call or text message with details of when and where you can collect your food.  This will normally be on the following Monday afternoon provided it's not a public holiday and the referral is received prior to Monday 10am.

We provide non-perishable booster boxes (and nutritious fresh fruit and veg produce boxes - as supply permits) that typically last around 5 days. These booster and produce boxes are intended as a food security lifeline to provide a significant boost to individuals and families with dwindling food supplies within the Hibiscus Coast community area.  If you live outside of our catchment area, as shown on the map, we encourage you to seek assistance from food banks local to you. Find Food Bank and other food assistance services in Auckland here.

As our food boxes are to assist you in the short term, please also be encouraged to further access Work and Income for Hardship Grants for Food.  The process for this does not appear to have a stand-down time and you don’t need to be an existing Work and Income client.  Call 0800559009 or go to Work and Income - Hardship Grants for Food

Please don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us if you have an emergency that can't wait for our next Monday pick-up service.  We will certainly do our absolute best to assist wherever possible.  Thank-you for your patience.


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Referral sent. - Please note we will not be operating Sept 26th due to public holiday.


We are located at Northgate Baptist Church which shares part of the Silverdale Rugby Club buildings in Silverdale.  Just opposite the Z near the bus station.

6 Hibiscus Coast Highway
Silverdale, Auckland, 0932
New Zealand

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