Salt Community Trust is an independent charitable trust established in 2010 with a vision to positively effect the lives of children, families and our wider Hibiscus Coast community. SALT is positive in emphasis, founded through relationships and providing key support to children,  youth, parents and whanau,  equipping parents and strengthening the family unit through resources, teaching, expertise and care. 

SALT offers a range of community based services for children and families in the Hibiscus Coast.  See our Project page for more information.  We believe that the family is the place where we gain the most relevant awareness of ourselves – and therefore by establishing a trust that funnels resources into the development and empowerment of families, we are feeding the life blood of our nation. Families are the heart beat of our community, and the launching platforms for a new generation of New Zealanders. Our vision is to see children, young people and parents that are happy and healthy and a vibrant community of confident, engaging and caring people.